5 day water fast – day 3

Day 3…I’m feeling ok but very cold and pretty weak.

I woke up this morning with slight congestion, but after an hour I felt just fine. During the third day of my last fast, I felt terrible. I remember waking up in a cold sweat so got up and went down to my kitchen, the coldest place in my house, to lay on the tiled floor in my undies. For the rest of the day I fought off throwing up, and I had a nasty headache, to boot.

I’m not sure if this time around my body is just more used to fasting or if I’m in a better state of health. It could also be that tomorrow brings some sickness, but we shall see.

I’m not so preoccupied with pangs of physical hunger, but I still do REALLY want to eat something just for fun. It’s incredible how frequently in a day I am faced with food as a form of celebration of life, for example dinner invitations seem to come out of the woodwork during fasting periods. To combat that this time, I invited my friends to a night out next week to my favourite Ethiopian resaurant. Can’t wait! I already know what I’m ordering: the vegetarian platter with a side of fish. Oh dear, that sounds so scrump-didly-umptious.

Colleague birthdays are also a difficult point: I had a friend from a different department more or less insist that I have one of his delicious birthday pastries, as he had picked one out especially for me…I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was on a fast, so I accepted it and then shared it with all of my colleages from my department. I know this was not totally honest, but I know my other colleages really enjoyed it, and I enjoyed the very sweet gesture. I just don’t want to explain to people why I’m fasting. They just think it’s a diet, and I just don’t have the energy to educate them on the health benefits.

For those of you new to fasting, here are some great resources that I found totally inspirational and educational. Happy viewing/reading, and check back for my fourth day!

  • Dan the Man Life Regenerator: this guy is a total sweetheart, has quite some experience in fasting, and offers a really inspiration message. He doesn’t claim to be an expert, which I really like as it feels like I’m learning along with him.
  • Michele: this is a really gentle spirit, and I like watching his videos. Also just a real guy that is going through his second water fast.

And below is my rather somber video of day 3 haha.

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