I’ve just discovered the beautiful Kimbra. I just love her style.

This has been a go-go-go-go week. I wake up and start running, and I don’t really stop until I lock myself in the bathroom to shower off all the stress from the day, and then I dive into our heavenly bed to peruse Flipboard and Pinterest. I am journaling in a 5-year journal that just gives me a few lines to reflect on the day, and if I don’t document what I’ve done that very day, I’ve already forgotten. One day just bleeds into the next. It’s been a hectic week.

I had to leave early to pick up my daughter because we had such a terrible, in fact deadly wind storm this morning, and public transport was shut down everywhere. Of course I couldn’t pick her up with a bike as I usually do, as the gusts were just knocking people right off their bikes.

She was fine when we left the building, but there was a moment at the tram stop when she refused to hold my hand. After screaming and throwing herself on the ground for at least six minutes trying to release herself from my grip (I know, because the digital time table told me the tram was coming in six minutes, and once it got to 0 it just flipped over again to six more minutes….no tram probably because of some tree branch on the tracks grrrrrrr), I picked her up. She bucked and thrashed around, screaming and slapping me in the face, then eyeballing me to see how I would react. I could feel at least eight pair of eyes boring into the back of my head, wondering why I was doing nothing to calm this child. I could only cackle like a deranged mother. She wanted to be able to run out in front of traffic or off the tram platform, and I wasn’t having it. It was really that simple.

I finally wrapped up a tedious but rewarding project that will go out to my entire company in an email tomorrow. I will be so happy when it’s out, and I can have a leisurely morning cup of coffee with my colleague Kate.


(This kind of gives you a hint of what today was like):




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